Our friend Christian Lyon from Dolgeville is featured prominently in a new show now available on Amazon Prime.

The first episode of the short crime drama titled "When Day Gets Dark"  is now available on Amazon Prime. It's 7 minutes long with A LOT of Christian Lyon playing a pretentious Detective on an ego trip. Christian says:

My character has been after these rappers for awhile. Detective Adams is a man on a mission to bring these guys to justice, at all cost. He’s cocky and arrogant and knows he’s the best.

When Day Gets Dark/Amazon Prime

The show is based on actual events about an inner-city criminal who explains in detail the events that placed him in police custody. IMDB says the film follows Kolby Jones played by Law X.  "Law is an inner city mid-level dope dealer. Suspected of murder and being held on gun and drug charges. This story is told thru conversational dialogue and story scripted music videos. A world of triumph. Broad day shootouts, police informants, and homicides. Law has become an advocate of it all. He attempts to overcome insurmountable obstacles, including death. Only to find himself digging a deeper hole."

When Day Gets Dark/Amazon Prime

'When Day Gets Dark' was filmed late in 2016. Christian tells us:

We filmed this at the YouTube studios in LA and the upcoming chase and street stuff in and around downtown LA in early 2017. It was shown to me in full version later that year but for some reason, it was broken up into mini-episodes for Amazon Prime.

'When Day Gets Dark' is now available on Amazon Prime. (graphic content and adult language may not be suitable for all).

Christian Lyon moved to California 27 years ago, and he keeps nailing great parts. We've seen him on 9-1-1, How To Get Away With Murder, Shameless, The Replacements and many more.

Christian says sometimes an actor can get a part over another actor based on their social media following. Show your support by liking his page!!!