Christian Lyon of Dolgeville is going to be in the ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder, Thursday night, October 15. 

Christian Lyon loved his acting and gardening and was accomplishing both by the age of 10 in Dolgeville. After his move to California, not only was he looking for acting work, he also started a landscaping business called 'Lyon Landscaping'  that's doing very well. Lately, he's been specializing in drought-tolerant landscape makeovers due to the severe drought in California.

Christian took a call to audition for the part he's playing in 'How To Get Away With Murder' and nailed it. He started shooting his scenes the next day in LA. He was on location for two day's and then spent one day in the studio. I asked him how many scenes he think's he'll be in:

3 scenes, but they could have them all continuous or separate them for flashbacks or whatever.

My scenes were only with Viola and her being the star, the camera or editing focus is on her.

Christian has been doing well in the acting business. You can watch him in Angles in Training, The Replacements, The Extendables, The Bold and Beautiful, The Big Bad City and more. October 15th we can see him on 'How To Get Away With Murder' starring Viola Davis, who just won an Emmy for the show. She's the first African-American to win an Emmy for best actress in a drama.

Here is what ABC say's about the show:

The brilliant, charismatic and seductive Professor Annalise Keating gets entangled with four law students from her class “How to Get Away with Murder.” Little do they know that they will have to apply what they learned to real life in this masterful, sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller.

Here are some photos he took on the set of How To Get Away With Murder.

Don't forget to watch How To Get Away With Murder, Thursday night, October 15th at 10 pm on ABC!

Here is Christian in the music video for Reagan Brown. The song is called 'Gypsy Woman's Got The Groove (feat. Eric Johnson).' He says acting for a music video is no different than a movie. Christian plays a detective in the video.

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