We had a US Figure skating champion at our door the other day that used to live in our house 30 years ago, and it got me to thinking: I met Alice Cooper one time.

In the mid 80's I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and worked as the Program Director of KUKQ, an AM Country station. Working in radio you get pretty used to seeing and hearing artists playing music in the conference room. We had a pretty good stream of artists come through and do mini concerts for the staff. It was not unusual to see a couple of artist a month come through.

The other station we had was a well known FM Rock station KUPD. They had artists come by the station, but not as many as our Country station at the time. I remember seeing this rock artist one day and thought he looks familiar but didn't recognize him and went about what I was doing.

My office at the time had floor to ceiling glass walls. I heard someone say hello and looked up. It was the artist I saw a few minutes prior. Pleasant guy and before I could respond he was out the door and gone. The person I was talking with said exactly what we both were thinking, he looked familiar but really was clicking on who he was. I saw this guy a couple of times in the next month and on the third visit it dawned on me that he looks a lot like Alice Cooper without makeup.

I was talking to the Music Director the next time this guy came rolling through and the Music Director said have you two met? I said no but he looks like Alice Cooper without makeup. Everybody standing there started laughing. As you guessed it, he said I am Alice nice to meet you. Come to find out Alice is a very good golfer and at the time carried a 1 handicap. Alice played golf every day and most times would just stop by to say hello if he was near the radio stations.

Thinking back you just never know will show up at your door.



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