Jack's Oyster House is one of the great, historic restaurants in downtown Albany, known for their outstanding food and impeccable service.  But today, people aren't talking about a delicious dish they served, they're talking about one they didn't.  According to News 10 ABC, a super-rare blue lobster was on the menu at the famed Albany eatery, but even the hungriest of all patrons couldn't bring herself to chow down on the uncommon crustacean, instead inspired the the staff at Jack's to save it's life.

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It seems a bit odd to me that Jack's Oyster House in Albany would put a rare blue lobster on their menu, but apparently that's what happened according to News 10 ABC.  The story explains that Jack's intentions were to serve the one-in-a-million blue lobster on their menu for the cool price of $200, served any way they wanted.

That's when Jackie Keto decided to place an order for seldom seen shellfish -  but according to News 10 ABC - she asked for it alive, with water, in a bucket, and she wanted it to go.  Her plan was to offer it up to the Via Aquarium in Rotterdam, a place known to find a safe space for lobsters just like this rare blue one from Jack's.

Back in 2017,  an even more rare orange lobster was discovered at the Latham Market Bistro and that lobster found a new home at the Via Aquarium.

According to News 10 ABC, the staff at Jack's seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Jackie, and they claim to have reached out to see if the Boston Aquarium wanted this particular one.

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