Upstate new York news

Troopers in Albany Rescue Ducklings Trapped in Drain
Perhaps we oughta call these men the real Duck Dynasty or how about, wait for it..... Duck, Duck Sleuths?
A family of ducks trying to cross a portion of I-87 in Albany ended up in a storm drain, stranded without their mom and probably had little chance for survival had it not been for the heroic…
Albany Restaurant Removes Rare Lobster From Menu
Jack's Oyster House is one of the great, historic restaurants in downtown Albany, known for their outstanding food and impeccable service.  But today, people aren't talking about a delicious dish they served, they're talking about one they didn't.  According to News 10 ABC, a super-rare blue lobster…
Albany Landlord Allegedly Kidnaps Tenants
Late on rent? Do the neighbors bang on the ceiling trying to get you and your unruly kids to pipe down?  Well, let's hope you have an understanding landlord!
This has to be the most bizarre story to come out of the Capital Region in some time.  I literally thought this was something that you would se…
Star-Studded TV Series to Shoot in Schenectady
Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway, and Andy Garcia shooting a television series in Schenectady?  The Electric City is no stranger to big crews, big production and big stars, and a star laced Amazon Prime Video series appears to have chosen Schenectady as their main shooting location.