Shoutout to Albany's finest here doing the kind of work that people don't often see police officers do.  Rain from the Tuesday afternoon storm was so heavy, it caused massive flooding along Central Avenue in Albany, stranding multiple cars.  In the incredible video, at least 3 members of the Albany Police Department waded through waters  up to their knees removing two children from what appears to be a stranded car on Central Ave in the west bound lane near an underpass.  Incredibly, one of the officers is seen carrying that looks like an infant wrapped in a blanket to safety, while another officer is carrying a child that appears to be a few years older.

In the video shot by Hassib Tleiji, he's overheard commenting on the work done by the Albany police saying, "saving a baby from this flood here in Albany!"  Moments later as another officer emerges from the stranded car holding the older child, Tleiji is heard saying, 'Look at this, man. Another one...another kid."  

Thank you to our police officers all over the Capital Region who selflessly put themselves in harms way for the betterment of our communities and our families.

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