You might not like it being below freezing all the time, but there are actually some optimistic ways to look at winter!

  1. Colder weather can help you sleep better. Lower temperatures are optimal for you to sleep at and can help with insomnia.
  2. There aren't as many bugs in the winter time. No more pesky mosquitoes to deal with!
  3. Walking in the cold air can increase your energy levels. Try going outside for a minute for a quick pick-me-up.
  4. It's the perfect temperature for running. Less heat stress on your body means that your exercise can be more enjoyable.
  5. Going outside can sometimes actually make your body more resilient to infections.
  6. Instead of using an ice pack to reduce inflammation and help sore muscles, why not just let the cold air do the work for you?
  7. Winter will make you appreciate how much you miss the summer time too!

So the next time your dreading going out into the cold, try to keep a few of these in mind until Spring comes back around!

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