Pavia Real Estate has pulled the Buffalo Head Restaurant sale listing after recent controversy with the restaurant owners.

Pavia has had the Buffalo Head Restaurant listing on their website since the beginning of January. We spoke to agent John Jweid of Pavia who confirmed the restaurant was up for sale.

However, The Buffalo Head owners went on Facebook explaining they weren't being sold:

The Buffalo Head is NOT closing and we are Not selling...It has been quite a roller-coaster first year, and I think we finally are hitting our stride. Thank you for all your hard work and patience."

The owner of the Buffalo Head then reached out WKTV explaining "there was some sort of confusion between her team and real estate company Pavia."

She said she talked to Pavia about a possible sale, but nothing was finalized. "We asked Pavia to put some feelers out," she said. She did not expect them to post a listing on their website.

Dominick Pavia explained Pavia had a signed contract from the owners to sell the property. "Following the news on WKTV, I choose to terminate the listing agreement."

Licensing law requires all listings to have a signature. Therefore Pavia could not have promoted the sale of the Buffalo Head Restaurant without proper signatures from the owners.


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