I'm trying hard just to find time to crash much less to devote thought to HOW I'm going to do it, but what do YOU sleep in between the sheets? Peejays? Just underwear? Sweats and a hoodie? ...Commando?? Here are 5 reasons from Cosmo (yeah guys, it's cool) that might encourage you to ditch the clothes altogether and go in the buff when you slip off into 'la-la' land tonight...



John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

Reason #1 - It Releases The Family Jewels From Captivity

This benefits us guys, but the ladies stand to gain a tad more by airing out their nether-regions to aid in avoiding infection as all of those little germies just loooove moisture.

Reason #2 - You Sleep Like A Log

Your body naturally cools off as you sleep which is what it was created to do, so when you bundle up it can disrupt that temperature dip causing you to toss and turn and miss out on the cleansing deep sleep your body was designed for

Reason #3 - It'll Take Years Off Your Appearance

This one is related to #2 and ladies you can skip those anti-aging creams because your body has it's own anti-again hormones that only get activated as you sleep, so not only do you get reenergized overnight, your skin gets renewed!

Reason #4 - You'll Get Frisky More Often

We all know the benefits of oxytocin (the love hormone) but in this case, more of it gets released with skin-on-skin contact so if your partner also sleeps sans clothing, you just might find yourself starting off your morning the right way! ;)

Reason #5 - Those Pesky Pounds Will Likely Fall Right Off

Talk about a weight-loss plan where the pounds can drop off while you're sedentary! But seriously, this one also relates to #2 because the less you toss and turn, the less cortisol (stress hormone) gets released into your system. This hormone is linked to waking up feeling like you could eat a horse, so you end up reaching for a bag of bagels instead of just one. Ergo, sleep better, eat less.

Hmmmm... Compelling argument. I'm not spilling the beans on how I sleep, but let's just say... if my sheets could talk!

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