Kate Moss Flashing
Was this a Kate Moss 'Oops' or a more likely Kate Moss 'On Purpose'?? She was in London for a photo shoot and got out of her vehicle wearing a fur coat, see-thru shirt, thigh-high boots and absolutely nothing down below and by nothing I mean NOTHING.
Skip The Sleepwear
I'm trying hard just to find time to crash much less to devote thought to HOW I'm going to do it, but what do YOU sleep in between the sheets? Peejays? Just underwear? Sweats and a hoodie? ...Commando?? Here are 5 reasons from Cosmo (yeah guys, it's cool) that might encourage you to ditch the clothes altogether and go in the buff when you slip off into 'la-la' land tonight...
Man Arrested For Fishing Nude
I don't know why you would ever go fishing nude, but apparently one man felt the need to take all his clothes off while he was hoping to land the big one. Authorities in Spokane, Washington arrested a man for fishing in nothing but his birthday suit on the bank of West Medical Lake...