Could shopping at New Hartford Target soon include a drink with your cart?

The new Target opening in Chicago this October has confirmed to USA Today that they have applied for 2 liquor licenses. One license is to sell liquor to take home, and the other is for consumption of alcohol on the premises.

Other businesses looking to add liquor to their offerings are Taco Bell and Starbucks. Taco Bell is planning to sell alcohol at their Chicago location and Starbucks is trying to sell wine and craft beer in it's US stores.

Here are 5 New York beers we'd love see on tap at the New Hartford Target.

  1. Ommegang Abbey Ale
  2. Utica Club
  3. Saranac Pale Ale
  4. Blue Point Pumpkin Ale
  5. Saranac Legacy IPA
Cindy McMullen/TSM
Cindy McMullen/TSM