Did you ever wonder how New York beer drinkers compare to those in other U.S. states? Well, it turns out there's a website for that.

The folks at alcohol.org conducted a survey measuring alcohol consumption and tolerance on a state-by-state basis. Their goal was to provide some information, so we could all know "where to set a limit." The organization canvassed over 2,500 adults in all 50 states and asked them how many beers it takes for them to start feeling inebriated. The study yielded interesting results, including this chart:


Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 6.06.54 PM

As you can see in the chart above, it takes the average New Yorker 3.22 beers to feel drunk. There are just 10 other states where the count is lower, placing Empire State beer drinkers clearly in the lightweight category. Hawaii residents appear to be the biggest lightweights, while those in Arizona look like the heavyweights of U.S. beer tolerance.

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The overall goal of alcohol.org is "to provide tools and resources to draw attention to the pervasiveness of alcoholism and challenge the status-quo of America’s drinking culture."

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