A new study says parents who are forced to do school at home with their kids are drinking more...and not one mom we know is surprised.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a really stressful time for everyone - and especially parents, who have been forced to help their kids with lessons and homework ever since schools shut down in March.

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Two surveys show that we're all drinking more since the pandemic started, but parents who have kids at home are drinking even more.

The St. Louis Observer Distpatch surveyed their readers and found the stress of having to help teach their children, and the struggle of not being able to help - has led to an increase in alcohol consumption.

While this information come as no surprise to anyone who had to help their kids figure out Common Core math this spring, it underscores just how tough the pandemic has been on families.

As most Central New York parents prepare for another school year that will likely involve some virtual learning, parents should find alternative ways to battle stress - since increased alcohol consumption comes with its own set of risks.

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