Obviously the Buffalo Bills Mafia is pretty crazy when it comes to their pre-games. They continue the pre-game even harder than most NFL fans once the game starts.

Lines.com did a survey compiling data of drinking habits for pretty much all sports. NBA, MLB, UFC, and NFL. When it came to the stats for the NFL, our beloved Buffalo Bills earned the right to brag about being some of the drunkest.

The chart here shows the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars at the top of the heap with 86% of their fan base binge drinking. The Bills come in at 83%. I think a lot of that ties into not only the pre-game rituals of the Bills Mafia, but also the fact that Bills despite being good have come up short time after time. Maybe fans are drinking their frustration away?

I know for me, I am a Giants fan and I probably enjoy a beer or five during the game a little too much. But isn't that just one of the things you do? Plop down on the couch and watch your team with a few alcoholic beverages by your side?

Lines.com also posted up information about the tendencies of not only those who attend the games, but also those who choose to watch the game from home. The number was actually less for those who binge drink and watch the game at home. That information actually shocks me a little bit as I am more comfortable drinking at home.

Do you think the Bills fans are the drunkest?

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