The CNY SPCA is asking for donations as they have taken in almost 100 cats (possibly Persians) due to a hoarding case in Syracuse.

CNY SPCA has taken in nearly 100 cats from a hoarder and is not disclosing the area the cats came from but say they're from a breeder who became overwhelmed. The cats appear to be Persians, and if that's the case, they'll have some unique needs different than regular cats.

The shelter is closed today and tomorrow (11/2 and 11/3) to concentrate on processing, medical examinations, moving current cats around, organizing donations, and returning phone calls.

CNY SPCA is in dire need of monetary donations for antibiotics and medical attention. Just the mico chipping alone will cost over $700.00. They also need:

      • Purina or Science Diet brand dry cat food
      • Purina or Science Diet brand wet cat food
      • Non-clumping clay cat litter
      •  Litter Pans
      • Food and water bowls
      • Blankets/fleece
      • Monetary donations

You can drop off donations in the donation box outside the CNY SPCA at 5878 East Molloy Road in Mattydale.

The SPCA told NewsChannel 9 that no charges will be filed and all the cats were signed over to the CNY SPCA.

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