The CNY SPCA has reached out to us to aid them with an extremely serious dog abuse situation in CNY. Please be advised that the photos are very graphic and upsetting.

Dee Schaefer, Humane Education at the CNY SPCA, is hoping someone will come forward and identify the dog or the owner.

In cases like this, some people are scared to speak up for fear of retribution, but they shouldn't because all tips remain anonymous.

Email or leave a message on 315-454-3469.

The abused female dog came into the Central New York SPCA as a stray on Monday, September 14, 2020. She was found by herself near Sehr Park with extremely serious injuries to her head. Her upper jaw is broken in the front, and the type of surgery needed is not possible through the CNY SPCA.

WARNING: The picture is difficult to look at, but the SPCA asks for your help in identifying the dog or the owner. You can even do it anonymously.

The CNY SPCA has spoken with a canine dental specialist. The operation to repair her jaw is estimated to be anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500. They're currently waiting for a surgery date. If you're interested in donating to her medical needs, please email

There are several other injuries, and the pictures are too graphic to release. The SPCA is asking for your help in identifying the dog or the owner. This is an ongoing investigation, and more details will be released as they become available. Thank you all.

Dee Schaefer says the dog isn't malnourished, but she was found by herself near Sehr Park and came in through the Salina Dog Control officer.

Our officers aren't offering any guesses at this point as to the way she received her injuries. She has been very sweet with all of us here. If anyone suspects animal abuse at any time they can contact our cruelty department at All reports are anonymous.

The CNY SPCA handles cruelty for 15 towns in Onondaga County, all of Madison County, and all of Oneida County. The City of Syracuse does have its own officer.

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