Have you ever wondered what food people search for by state? Our thanks to delish`.com for this eye opening info.

Alabama searches for Pound cake, yup you read that right, Pound cake.

Alaska, you would think salmon, WRONG they are interested in Survival Bread. that would be bread that is made without dairy. So, the bread last almost forever, can't wait to try that a couple of years from now.

Some choices just make you wonder, like Kansas searches enchiladas. What you'd expect from say, New Mexico, Texas or Arizona.

Massachusetts searches for Butternut Squash. Oh please, it should be chowder or move away, far far away.

Mississippi searches spaghetti, the Italian population must be rather small near the gulf.

New York, searches for FALAFEL, not pasta, wings, pizza, greens or riggies but FALAFEL. I had to find someone here at the station that could tell me what Falafel is and what's in it. Why am I surprised they search for spaghetti in Mississippi and FALAFEL in New York? Falafel is made from chickpeas, or fava beans or a combination of both.


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