I consider myself more of a hamburger flipper than a Chef. I'm not allowed to touch anything With A point or sharp edge which limits me to pretty much pots and pans.I'm the guy in the kitchen washing pots and pans, basically the HEAD FLUNKEY. So, you can imagine when we saw the ad for the New York Wine & Culinary Center Canandiagua and the opportunity to cook your own meal with a bunch of strangers we jumped at the chance. I know you're thinking what are you people crazy?

The class is held at the culinary center on the lake in Canandiagua. This class is available year round and while February was nice, we got lucky with the weather. The time to go would be the summer as you don't have to have snow shoes to get there and back, just kidding. The weather is much better as we all know in the summer .

We enjoyed our experience so much that we wanted to go back again and little did we know the have a great summer program called "Fresh From The Farm Market." Once you enjoy fresh veggies from a farm market you'll never go back the produce section of your local grocer.

Our growing season is short and the time we have to enjoy farm fresh veggies is short as well. You might want to beat feet to the local markets that we have and enjoy veggies like never before. Check out North Star Orchards, Candella's Farm & Greenhouse.




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