The Utica Zoo welcomes 2 miniature 3-year-old donkeys. 

These little ladies are an adorable addition at the Utica Zoo. They will be calling the Utica Zoo home until the Fall. Arya (black) and Sansa (white) are Jennies that love people. They can form lasting bonds with humans much like dogs do. Their intelligence is superior to all other farm animals and with good nutrition can live as long at 35 years.

Arya and Sansa are both expecting! Gestation takes about a year and birthing problems are very uncommon. The donkeys are friendly and love it when you pet them! We hope to see the foals soon.

All the animals and creatures are doing fine at the zoo after all the flooding. All we noticed was a little debris on some of the paths.

Go visit the Utica Zoo today they're open daily from 10 am-4:45 pm.

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