I was asked today if I knew what CSA stands for and normally I would pull an answer out of the sky and hope I was at least little close to the real answer..

The answer by the way is "C"ommunity "S"upported "A"griculture, basically a family farm depending on local families (customers) for support. The CSA is closed to new members for the remainder of 2017

The person then asked if I was familiar with Jones Family Farm. This time I had a little better answer as I had seen their cheeses at the Clinton Farmers Market in Clinton every Thursday without fail in the square. They, Peter and Susie, produce some of the finest cheeses around. They have access to some of the finest goat, sheep and cow milk available in the Herkimer, New York area.

The Jones Family is a licensed Cheese plant, and State inspected 5A Poultry slaughterhouse.

Peter and Susie are from Wisconsin and family traditions with cheese and beef run deep. The heart of the Jones Family Farm is the cheese and being a CSA run business is first and foremost.

The next time you are in:

Clinton at the Clinton Farmers Market on Thursday

Old Forge Farmers Market in Old Forge

Or Oneida County Public Market Utica

Become a Jones Family Fan and learn where they will be selling their cheeses



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