How do you feel about seeing mouse traps at your local restaurant? Of course it may cause mixed feelings. Good that they are trying to keep the mouse population in check. But where was the mouse before he was dumb enough to get caught by the trap?

Okay, let's face it, many homes this time of year may have an uninvited visitors and it's completely acceptable. You could have the cleanest house on the block and you are subject to these ugly little creatures, they do not discriminate. The solution is pretty simple, you buy a trap or two (humane or otherwise) and take care of the problem.

We recently had this experience while we were on the road and just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. My wife had to use the restroom, while I stayed in line to order.  Suddenly, and urgently I might add, she said let's go.  Then she showed me this picture of the mousetrap in plain sight in the ladies room. She said she was certain these little creatures were dancing on the food while no one was looking.

What would you do? Head for the closest exit? Would you leave the premises immediately, or would you think at least they are trying to handle the problem Remember they are like deer there is never just one!





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