Wait until you hear this girl sing 'Crazy On You' by Heart! 

Spoiler Alert: This rockin Capitol District native amazed judges during her 'Voice' audition and received a four-chair turn.

We hope 16-year-old Shaker High student Moriah Formica is ready for the national

...Moriah has extended that invitation to any and all who want to join us at Jupiter Hall...

spotlight after tonights NBC show "The Voice." Is there something in the Capital District's water? Remember Sawyer Fredricks of Fultionville, season 8 winner of The Voice? And BTW, he was also 16 years old.

Her Dad, Josh Formica, can't reveal any information about how far she goes or if she wins The Voice does tell the Times Union "She played Guitar Hero for hours after kindergarten then asked me for a real guitar and taught herself how to play it."

Josh told us "This important moment is being celebrated with a viewing party hosted by those who have supported her since the age of 12. Moriah has extended that invitation to any and all who want to join us at Jupiter Hall inside Lucky Strike Social at Crossgates Mall from 7 to 10 p.m."

We love the fact that she was introduced the to 80's Big Hair Bands by her dad, and relished it. She started singing Bon Jovi, and a few years later her parents thought the beautiful singing they heard was on the radio, but actually, it was Moriah signing Adel.  Not long after she was enrolled in Modern Day Music reports the Times Union.

We can watch Moriah Formica, a Shaker High School student, Monday night, October 2, 2017, as she turns the four chairs of judges Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. You'll be as wowed as they were when you watch the teaser clip I've included below.

Bonus VIdeo:

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