We all know this list of differences between men and women is endless, so here is another "nugget" to add to that list.

According to a new survey (who comes up with these?), women absolutely hate when other people know they are pooping and actually would go to great lengths to make sure other people don't know they are having a movement.


Poop in a public bathroom?  Half of women say "No freakin way!"  40% will only poop in there if the bathroom is empty and they have the capability of locking the door as to not allow anyone else in.

Poop at a party?  Are you kidding?  43% said they wouldn't.

36% say if they're dating a guy, they won't do it at his house.


I can't believe they would go to this extreme, but 25% would actually go to a bathroom of a dfferent floor of the building where they work to drop one off.

About half of women say their home bathroom is the ONLY place they feel comfortable doing it.

Now for the men.  Is there a hole?  All set.

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