This is perfect for the guy who has everything for Valentines Day. Show how much you care and make your life easier at the same time with the Main Drain. It's a win-win.

I really thought this was a joke but it looks to me like it's in the works. They are looking for investors if you like the idea.

Frankly, I can't understand why lifting the seat is so difficult but it does seem to be a problem for many couples. Think of all the fights that could be avoided. All that nagging about leaving the seat up because your wife fell in the toilet while trying to relieve herself in a dark bathroom in the middle of the night (actually happened to me once and there was no nagging it was out right screaming!).

Well guys, it looks like the mist on your tootsies could be history. You will have to remember to give old Fido fresh water because the toilet seat will be down. Maybe that's enough to turn this contraption down, Poor poor Fido. If you can't remember to put the seat down how can you remember to water the dog?

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