For years I have thought that this typically daily activity was something we generally picked up on our own, or learned from our parents.  I think that even if our parents didn’t teach us this, I think we would have figured out things on our own…you would think.  Apparently some of us have been doing it wrong.

Here is one man’s story…

“Our toilet broke so I was in shopping for new ones and the sales person joked (no doubt for the millionth time) that I'll want one that automatically puts the seat down after I'm finished with it. I 'joked' back and said if I didn't have a wife I could save money and not buy one with a seat and I'd never have to hear women complaining about putting it down again. To which he gave me a strange look and said "but what about when you need to poop?" I naturally pointed out that I'm a guy and therefore don't put the seat down, I sit on the rim of the bowl. Several embarrassing moments later, I realize that I've misunderstood my entire life and that guys do indeed use the toilet seat. I left empty handed and red faced.”

If we didn’t use the seats, then why would toilets in men’s rooms come equipped with one?  Just in case a female needed to use the men’s room in an emergency?  Maybe that’s just how they came from the factory.

Maybe, by accident, your host has plopped down on a cold toilet seat rim.  Probably because it was during the wee hours of the morning, or late at night, and I didn’t have my bearings.  You certainly become awakened after you make the mistake.

Do people ever stop to think about the rim of the toilet seat and how it is typically covered in dried pee?  Not sitting there, nope.

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