One of the 15 best roots beers in the country comes from Central New York.

Saranac Brewery brews up more than great beer. F.X. Matt Brewing has one of the best roots beers in the country, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has tried the tasty soda.

Tasting Table called Saranac home to the 4th best root beer.

Saranac Brewery (really F.X. Matt Brewing) boasts that only a true brewery can make the natural strong head that their root beer displays, and whether or not that's true, they can't make a bad beer and since 1995 Saranac has made a very good root beer.

Saranac Root Beer

Great Head

The 1888 beer and root beer from the brewery officially commemorate the Utica train line's centennial. But it's the head of the beer that's getting all the attention.

It is rich and foamy and just perfectly hearty, stopping short of fulsome. The vanilla comes at you strong, and you'd be hard-pressed to name a better root beer for swigging and swishing. You don't drink it fast, and you let it hang out on the tongue a bit to show you all of its tricks.

Saranac offers more than just great root beer. They have a full line of sodas, including the Orange Cream, the dream drink for all orangesicle lovers.

Saranac Orange Cream

Saranac Whips Up New Drink

Saranac Brewery whips up more than great beer and root beer. This year they introduced a new distilled spirit brand called Vodka Whips, which is available in four different flavors: Orange, Wild Berry, Watermelon, and Pineapple.

courtesy of Right Coast Spirits
courtesy of Right Coast Spirits

Team Effort

The Right Coast Spirits Vodka Whips are a team effort between three craft breweries – Saranac, Harpoon, and Flying Dog.

“The cool thing I’ve always loved about the craft brewing industry is that we have this hallmark ‘all-for-one’ mentality,” said Fred Matt, President of Saranac. “The three of us had a great working relationship already, so we realized if we worked together, we could get a superior product to consumers faster and more efficiently.

For more information on Right Coast Spirits and Vodka Whips, and where to find them in your area, visit

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