Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Saranac Thursdays were canceled at the Saranac Brewery in Utica due to restrictions in capacity, distancing mandates and other coronavirus related restrictions that we saw in Oneida County. Fast forward to 2022, and everyone has been asking the question: are Saranac Thursdays returning for the summer?

We reached out to Saranac and are awaiting comment. However, speculation is they are not returning for the summer of 2022, as they are focused on the opening of their new Biergarten.

If you're looking for a similar option for this year, there is one, it's just not hosted by Saranac or held at the Brewery.

The Celtic Harp announced a full concert series lineup on May 12 being branded as "Varick Street Thursdays" with the tagline as "Keeping the Tradition Alive." They started this series back in 2021, just not in the same capacity. According to the announcement, the first show of the season begins Thursday, May 19 with the Last Left hitting the stage at 5:30PM, followed by DJ Studge at 9PM.

The Celtic Harp also, allegedly, tried asking Saranac for ownership of the "Saranac Thursday" name, but they said no.

They haven’t officially announced an end to Saranac Thursdays. We asked to use the name but they said no, because they may bring them back.

The full lineup for the summer of 2022 at The Celtic Harp is as follows:

  • May 19 - Last Left
  • May 26 - Simple Props
  • June 2 - Showtime
  • June 9 - Los Blancos
  • June 16 - Tom Nitti
  • June 23 - Last Left
  • June 30 - Nervous Rex
  • July 7 - Soundbarrier
  • July 14 - Beadle Brothers
  • July 21 - Last Left
  • July 18 - Handsome Bob
  • August 4 - Soul Injection
  • August 11 - Beadle Brothers
  • August 18 - Showtime
  • August 25 - Handsome Bob
  • September 1 - Under The Paige
  • September 8 - Last Left

There is one concert currently scheduled to take place at the Saranac Brewery. 90’s alt-rockers — Stone Temple Pilots will be taking the stage on May 21. It is the only one scheduled as of this time.

Are you excited for the music to be back on Varick? We are.

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