In 2017 Netflix users streamed a total of one billion hours of programming per week, that's a billion with a "B." New Yorkers were binge-watching one show in particular.

Streaming entertainment on Netflix continues to soar in popularity and that number continues to rise at an unbelievable rate. In fact, Netflixing and streaming are virtually one in the same.

Clearly, people everywhere are watching Netflix, but what do you think they are watching in New York State? I'll give you a little hint. The show that leads all others is the leader in 13 states east of the Mississippi, this show is only leading in two states West of the Mississippi, Arizona, and Montana.

If you guessed the show that has a color in the title you'd be 100% correct and you probably tune in each week to Orange is the New Black.

The big question is what is it about a show that deals with prisons cause the rise in popularity to soar the way it has in the last couple of years, and take over and lead in every state in the Eastern half of the country?

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