Get Paid To Watch Netflix
What?  Get paid to watch Netflix?  Hellooooo dream job.  Am I right?  Hold on there, not so fast, have you ever heard the phrase "if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't"?
Radio Chips In Smartphones!
That's right, if you're a Sprint user, the company is tricking out select new Windows and Android phones this year with an FM radio chip and when combined with the NextRadio tuner app, you'll finally be able to listen to ANY of your local radio stations (not just those that stream, li…
Paul McCartney Says ‘No Streaming for You’
The next time you feel like listening to ‘Spies Like Us,’ ‘Silly Love Songs,’ or ‘Biker Like an Icon,’ you won’t be able to turn to your favorite streaming service. Thanks to a removal order recently issued by the Universal and Concord Music Groups, all Wings and Paul McCartney solo albums have been…