What?  Get paid to watch Netflix?  Hellooooo dream job.  Am I right?  Hold on there, not so fast, have you ever heard the phrase "if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't"?

According to goodhousekeeping.com,

Employees in a program called "Project Beetlejuice," are paid $10 for every movie or TV show they watch. Their assignment is to pick out the best images and videos to use to showcase it in Netflix's directory. They are paid as independent contractors, and are known as "juicers" within the company. They can work from home, but not much else is known about these workers, not even how many of them exist.

Oh, now it just became a job, and not a very well paying job at that.  Maybe as a part time gig, for a little extra spending cash.  Get more information about getting paid to watch Netflix, HERE