This is what we have come to, folks.  Technology that will tell us when our spouses are watching something on Netflix, without us, or vice versa.  Can you believe this?  

According to, people, mostly married couples and those involved in a serious relationship, watch more streaming programming than they do socializing with friends, reading, or even exercising.  Wow, that is crazy.

Well, I see the truth in this, as I myself am guilty of spending maybe too much time locked in to the smart TV binge-watching 'House of Cards'.  Moreover, I would never ever ever watch any of the episodes without my wife, unless I have her express written consent.  Well, maybe not written consent, but I better have her permission.

Well, technology has come up with what they call "commitment rings".  Though they look like traditional bands, the rings were invented by a company called Cornetto as a way to prevent Netflix cheating once and for all. To do this, all you have to do is register the rings through the company's mobile app, then select the series you want to watch together. This will sync your rings to your streaming service, so when they're apart, Near Field Communication technology will block you from viewing any shared shows.

Isn't that something?