After almost 20 years of being home to APAC Customer Services, the former Boston Store building in downtown Utica is once again vacant. According to the Utica Observer Dispatch, the property located at 131 Genesee Street was considered a downtown landmark for most of the 20th century. In the early 1900's, the building became the area's premier shopping destination. It underwent many changes in the 1940's and late 60's, before finally closing it's doors for good on Christmas Eve, 1976. In August, 1984 new life came to the Boston Store when it re-opened with a new name, 131 Boston Place. It, however was short-lived and once again went vacant, until the late 90's when APAC Customer Services took residency. They occupied the building until just recently when they moved their operations out of state.

So, what should become of the now vacant building? Here are a few ideas!

  • Downtown Utica Hospital: It's been in the news for a few years about building a new hospital in the downtown area. Why haven't city officials considered the 131 Genesee Street property? Have they been overlooking it?
  • Downtown Casino: The Oneida Indian Nation has proposed bringing a casino to downtown Utica, why not the former APAC Building? It definitely has the space.
  • Downtown Mall: City leaders are always trying to come up with a way to bring more business and revenue into the downtown area, how about making the property into a mall? Is this an idea that has been considered?
  • Shops/Restaurants: Another way to bring in some revenue to the city/county would be to have a bunch of small shops and restaurants in the building. This idea would not only bring money downtown, but also get more people to see exactly what we have in that part of our city.


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