Local Whitesboro firefighter Robert Conklin was laid to rest after his courageous battle with esophageal cancer. Many volunteers from around the county attended the funeral, and sent him off with beautiful tribute. 

Robert was a Whitesboro firefighter for over 35 years. He received Whitesboro firefighter of the year twice. In 2005 the Central NY Fireman's Association awarded him their honorable Firefighter of the year award for his heroic attempt to rescue a senior citizen in a fire on Main Street. Along with being part of the fire department, he worked for the Whitesboro DPW for over 30 years. As a tribute the DOW painted the plows on his truck periwinkle in honor of him and his fight against esophageal cancer.

He was a very strong supporter of Believe 271. This is an organization that helps firefighters with cancer. Leslie Ann, who was Robert's sister says "He was a loving father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle...."

Leslie Anne
Leslie Anne


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