The Pontiac muscle car of the 60's is, and rightfully so, a GTO.  This was "the" muscle care to own in the 60's and early 70's.  Every young man that was at the legal age to drive wanted this car parked in their driveway and is featured in this week's 'Classic Car Tuesday.'.

This Pontiac GTO was found in Arizona and purchased and brought back to Central New York. Mike Smith is the current owner and has been for the last 20 years. Mike says there are no plans to sell the car anytime soon. The question is which kid will end up with the car. Bottom line the car will not be leaving the family anytime soon.

The outside of the car looks stock and is close to the factory Black. The car now has  a Black Cherry PPG finish.

The period correct motor in this car is bored 30 over and is right around 375 to 400 horse power.

Sadly, Pontiac no longer builds a GTO.




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