You have goat to be kidding me. You know you're from central New York if you're in an accident and a goat is to blame.

It happened by the Circle K in Vernon Wednesday on W. Seneca Street. Cassy Mills drove by the scene of the crash and says it was so baaaaad, the airbag blew in the truck involved and a car behind was t-boned. "The drivers were out of their cars and the police pulled up when we came upon it," said Mills. "I hope everyone is ok."

Photo Credit - Cassy Mills

The goat didn't even leave the scene of the crash. "He was watching the accident from the bank drive thru," said Mills.

Hopefully both drivers have Farmer's Insurance. They've seen a thing or two, but I wonder if they've covered a crash by goat.

Be careful when heading out for the Thanksgiving holiday. Keep your eyes out for any goats on the road.

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Photo Credit - Cassy Mills