I'm about to blow your mind with food. Did you know that Chicken McNuggets actually come in four different shapes? I'm not kidding, they really do have shapes. McDonald's has official names for all of them too. Want to know the names? Business Insider has them all for you and we got those names here:

1) Bell


You guessed it, this one is shaped like a bell. That's why they named it the bell. I'm guessing our founding fathers weren't thinking one day the famous Liberty Bell would be made into chicken nuggets.

2) Bone

Calgary Reviews/flickr

Ummm this one is a little awkward. Didn't you think McNuggets were boneless? So did I. So why does it have this name then? This one looks like a lumpy rectangle. Apparently that's like a bone.

3) Boot


I bet you didn't know that McNuggets were like Monopoly game pieces. This nugget is boot shaped. However, do not pass go and collect $200 if you have a whole box of these.

4) Ball


Getting bored at work? Why not play with your food. This nugget looks like a ball, so why wouldn't you play catch? You can catch some sweet and sour sauce and chowdown!