With the anticipated opening of the new location in New Hartford on April 30, Popeyes has revealed to us that they have some big plans in the works for Central New York. Who's ready for two OTHER new locations?

That's right, not only is Popeyes opening right in New Hartford, but they also have big plans for both Oneida and Rome, New York.

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We stopped into the New Hartford location and spoke with Heidi Cousineau, Vice President of Development of Liberty Restaurants Holdings out of Albany. She gave us a special inside look inside of the restaurant before the grand opening on April 30.

She also explained that construction has officially begun on the Oneida location, which they are expecting to open in August of this year. We were also they will be opening a location on Erie Boulevard in Rome. Construction has not begun there, but she did say that they anticipate that location opening in April or May of 2023.

"We're excited to be opening numerous locations in this area," Cousineau said.

The grand opening in New Hartford will be huge. Not only is there delicious food, but we'll be having giveaways - it'll be like one big party.

The building in New Hartford is amazing. The colors are so exciting and inviting, the space is very modern and it's very different from the Popeyes location that used to be in Utica. Take a peek (with construction still going on of course) for yourself below.

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