It's taken almost three years for Wegmans to make good on their idea and desire to serve alcohol at their Dewitt store. Right now it looks like the planned Burger Bar for the Dewitt store is moving ahead on schedule and will, in fact, open on August 21st at 11:30am and you will be able to get a burger and a beer at the Burger Bar.

Construction continues on the 12,350 square foot expansion. When finished there will be a total of 400 seats at the Dewitt Wegmans along with a play area for kids. The expansion will make the Dewitt store the largest in the 92 store chain, according to

This will make 3 New York Burger Bar locations and a total of 7 locations in Maryland, New Jersey and New York and may eventually spread to other Wegmans locations in the future. I, for one, will certainly be a customer for the new Burger Bar when it opens on the 21st. I think this will be a home run for Wegmans!

The planned menu is fantastic and is sure to be a success  Like the other Burger Bar locations.



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