Do you get angry when this nonsense comes across your Facebook news feed?

The story's title is 'The Price is Right' host Bob Barker died in July 2017, after falling and hitting his head at his home. This was very upsetting to us. We grew up with Bob Barker immediately felt sad and started to remissness. Then we felt stupid because it's not true. Snopes says it's another hoax from Action News 3 and was published in July 2016.  Apparently, the story has been updated and is making its rounds again.

Action News 3 is a fake news site, and they have started many of the death hoaxes found on the internet. The Bob Barker fake news story has more than 200 million FB shares and is going nuts on twitter.

Now you know the truth. Bob Barker is alive and soaking up the sun in Beverly Hills.

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