As you know or may not know from reading my blogs I have lived all over the U.S., from the Midwest, East, Southwest, Northwest and Pacific Northwest, and I thank my career in radio for offering me this great opportunity.I've learned to assimilate into every community I have lived but Central New York is my favorite.

Here are five reasons why Central New York is one of the best places to live.

The Food

Being Irish, English and Scottish, I've taken to our wonderful Italian food and restaurants like a duck to water.  Utica Greens, Lasagna, and pasta and peas.  Who would have thought something like pasta and peas, a simple meal, could be so delicious and every restaurant makes them a bit different.

Proximity to Cool Places

Central New York is exactly what it is called, "Central."  I can be in beautiful Lake George, Old Forge, the Finger Lake Region, New York City and even Toronto all within 4 hours of my home or less.

Charitability and Sense of Community

As I have lived in much larger cities in the U.S., it still impresses me to see the great Heart Run and Walk, the Ride for Missing Children, and so many other great charity events.  The community comes out to walk, host water stations, or donate like no other.

Warm Welcoming People

Due to the nature of my career and moving so much, you live a nomadic lifestyle.  The people at the radio station become your adopted family.  What sets Central New Yorkers apart is how warm and welcoming the people are and the willingness to accept you and genuinely care for one another.  I can honestly say I have never experienced people like this in any of the cities I have lived in the past.

Four Season State

We truly are a 4-season state, hence offering season specific sports.  Golf leagues in the summer, skiing in the winter, hiking in the beautiful Adirondacks in the fall.  Each season has its own beauty and offers something unique.






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