The Abandoned Paper Mill water tower in Lyons Falls has been knocked down.

The paper mill closed in 2001 after 107 years of operation. Johnson Industries LLC bought the property at a bankruptcy sale and retrieved all equipment and materials of value. All that's was left behind was weakened structures, asbestos, and hazardous materials

Lewis County Development Corp. acquired the mill in 2011 not realizing what a task they were undertaking. Legislator Lawrence L. Dolhof, R-Lyons Falls, president of the Lewis County Development Corp. told the Watertown Daily Times “We had no idea how complicated it was going to become to achieve what seemed like a simple knocking-down.”

Nic Phelps of Bleedin Iris Photography
Nic Phelps of Bleedin Iris Photography

Here's the water tower pulled down, left of the planned mark due to one of the legs buckling.

Nic Phelps of Bleedin Iris Photography

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[Information from Watertown Daily Times]

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