UFO reports have been down pretty low since Griffis Airforce Base closed in Rome New York. Generally across New York State reports have been coming in a lot more than usual. Many residents of Jamestown New York, (part of the Southern Tier) are reporting hearing a loud bang in the sky.

News 4 WIVB received several phone calls and Facebook messages from viewers in Jamestown, Lakewood, and elsewhere in Chautauqua County describing the strange phenomena and noises they were hearing.

Our viewers report seeing and feeling something between 6:15 and 6:45. Some people describe hearing a loud sound, "like thunder," "a cannon," or "an explosion." Others say they actually felt tremors. One woman in Jamestown reported her house shook.

One resident described the boom, saying, "All of a sudden there was just this humongous boom. Just one."

"I honestly thought that a house blew up,” said a resident.

Another resident said, "We started looking for a plume of smoke or somthing."

So what in the world could these people be hearing? Some think it could have been seismic activity, while others think it could have been a "sonic boom". This is a term scientists and meteorologists use to describe the sound associated with shock waves from an object traveling faster than the speed of sound.

So what do you think the sound was?


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