Last year we reported UFO's being spotted leaving from the Moon, it looks like even more have been caught on film for 2013. UFO's were captured flying over the Moon and we have them. Do you believe this is alien life?


Our friends over at AboveTopSecret first posted the story, and it appears to be causing some arguments. Some are thinking it's alien life, and others believe it could be some movie editing.

First off we don't have any description with this video , odd seeing as the OP seems to think they are "intelligently controlled UFO's flying through space" ... I would have thought the person that filmed this footage thought the same given the title so would have taken at least couple of minutes to wax lyrical about these UFOs ...but no .

If by some chance it isn't CGI manipulation then we must take into account the 238,857 miles between observer and object (Moon) , there is nothing to say that if real the objects were anywhere near the Moon .

What do you think is seen in this video? The UFO is the little silver object near the bottom of the video.