Police officers really are asked to do it all.  From guiding traffic to de-escalating conflicts, their skill set really does need to include everything.  This week across Western New York, a bunch of officers stepped up to help out some of our four legged friends.  Here are three separate stories that made the news this week of police officers who have saved animals.

Eden Police Save A Puppy From Choking

In Eden, NY, Officers Eric Milks and Brian Burgstahler were put into action when a resident walked into the station early in the morning and asked if anyone could help his puppy that was having trouble breathing.  The two officers performed the heimlich maneuver and back blows on the puppy to clear its airways.  Then they rushed it to the Eden Veterinary clinic.  The puppy is doing just fine now.  It even got it's name thanks to the event.  They call it - Lucky!


Cheektowaga Police Department Saves Kitten Stuck Under A Car

According to their facebook page, this little guy climbed under a car then took an unintended ride through a car wash and then to the mall.  That's where someone heard him meowing.  The officers climbed under the car to bring him out.  No...he didn't belong to the car owner.  They don't own any cats at all!  Congrats to Sgt Slawatycki and Ofc. Maggio who were able to get this little guy to the SPCA.


Jamestown Police Save Ducklings That Had Fallen Into A Sewer

I'm surprised that this doesn't happen more often that ducks fall into a sewer.  But these ones can be grateful that Officer Carlson was working on Sunday morning.  She was called to the Persell Middle School when someone heard them calling for their mother and was able to scoop all three of them out of the sewer to be reunited with their mother.


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