Daniel Brigano was born and raised right here in Utica, NY. He recently moved to Florida and is a bartender at many different clubs. One of the jobs he was actively seeking was a position at 'Pulse,' the nightclub that was recently attacked. In fact, Dan was at 'Pulse' the week leading up to the massacre that took 49 innocent lives. Dan shared his story with us.

Dan first shared his connection to the gay nightclub that was the target of that terrible terrorist act on his Facebook page. It had the above photo posted with a message that makes you realize it can happen to anyone.

This picture was taken last Tuesday in Pulse Night Club Dressing Room with me and my buddies.
Talk about a picture meaning a thousand words.
I'm very thankful that my crazy little family is all together.
Love you boys.
Too close to home.

Dan shared his experience of participating in the vigil that took place in the "Sunshine State" following the tragedy. He also shared with us his perspective when it comes to how supportive people are being. He wants to emphasize he was NOT a victim, he was not in the club during the attack, but knew people who worked there. He was possibly soon to begin work there. He wants people to know people like the person responsible for this attack, feed off fear and nobody should be afraid in this country. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, black, or white. We are one nation and we will not allow terrorism to divide us.

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