This Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the heinous terror attacks that rocked this country. More than 3,000 people lost their lives that day, and to this day the pain and mourning continues. Apparently for some people it's been long enough to justify making a mockery of the day. This San Antonio based mattress company decided to "celebrate" the day with a sale.

The fact that these people chose to use a national tragedy to sell mattresses is absolutely atrocious. There aren't enough negative adjectives in the dictionary to describe the decision-making of these employees. Even worse, the woman in the commercial is actually a relative of the owner of the company. You can see the letter of apology the owner issued below.

There is absolutely no excuse for this, and these people should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they realize the seriousness of what they have done. The key thing to remember this weekend is to take time to remember all those who lost their lives from people in the towers, to first-responders, to the Pentagon victims, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. We will never forget that fateful day. God Bless America.

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