Drones Over Central New York - The Erie Canal
The Erie Canal was first proposed in 1805. It was 20 years later that the waterway was completed. Along the heart of the canal is Utica, NY. Now a great view for area restaurants, and a great view along the New York State thruway, the canal is still flowing strong, and is used for many purposes.
Mattress Company Airs Disgustingly Offensive 9/11 Sale Ad
This Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the heinous terror attacks that rocked this country. More than 3,000 people lost their lives that day, and to this day the pain and mourning continues. Apparently for some people it's been long enough to justify making a mockery of the day. This San Ant…
Video Proves Bears Don't Just Wander Through Camps At Night
This summer we have posted several articles, and videos to our website that show black bears in the Adirondacks are in no way shy. Whether it be day, or night these large animals never hesitate to make their presence known. After all, it is THEIR home. This most recent video, taken by Utica native M…
Whiteface Mountain in June May Be Colder Than You Think
You would think by the time June rolls around the temperatures would be warmer across the state. At the summit of Whiteface Mountain that is not the case. A Central New York family made the almost 5,000 foot journey to the peak of the mountain and what they felt and (didn't) see when they got u…

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