You find yourself in need of a new home and the real estate search is on until a friend tells you there is an article about towns in New York, some safe some not so much, including Utica, Syracuse and Herkimer.

Several central New York towns or cities made the Top 20 most dangerous places to live according to FBI data.

17. Auburn(Cayuga County)Violent Crimes 133

16. Utica(Oneida County)Violent Crimes 349

14. Gloversville(Fulton County)Violent Crime 82

13. Albany(Albany County)Violent Crime 793

10. Syracuse(Onondaga County)Violent Crimes 1142

9. Watertown(Jefferson County)Violent Crime 145

8. Binghamton(Broome County)Violent Crime 145

7.Village Of Herkimer(Herkimer County)Violent Crimes 47

6. Rochester(Monroe County)Violent Crimes 1839

I know some of the cities should be in different positions given a single number. You should keep in mind the number is a total of several categories the FBI looks at to get an average of the Town and County. This will make the numbers go up and down for no apparent reason. That, in turn, will place some towns higher or lower than they really should be on the overall list.

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