What do you think? Is your town safe to live in or should we all pack up and leave? Or maybe you've found a place to live that you never thought to consider

The FBI's latest crime statistic show one of the safest places to live in New York is right her in CNY.

20. Village of Fairport (Monroe County) Violent Crime 171

11.Village of Canton(St. Lawrence County) Violent Crime 120

10. Town of Cairo(Greene County) Violent Crime 118

7. Town of Waterford(Saratoga County) Violent Crime101

5. Town of Eden(Erie County) Violent Crime 75

3. Town of Stillwater(Saratoga County) Violent Crime 51

2. Town of Kirkland(Oneida County) Violent Crime 50

1. Town of Elmira(Chemung County) Violent Crime 3

We started with the top 20 list of the safest places. Then we adjusted the list to areas close to Central New York as a whole for the final list.  So, what do you think? I think we may want to stay right where we are at least for the time being.

Once you get the crime figures on your County the decision becomes fairly easy. or at least easier than when you started. You really end up finding all the places that you really don't want to live.




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