Yesterday, Apple announced it's new iPhone 6's and smartwatch, but something weird happened too... Tim Cook and Bono literally touched fingers and Bam! You've found something that you weren't looking for.

U2's latest album, 'Songs of Innocence' just miraculously showed up in your iPhone and iPad library. That's right. Go look. If you're a fan, rejoice because you just got U2's latest album for free.

However, if you're like me and find it creepy that it was mysteriously uploaded to your library without permission (like spam... no it IS spam... The band was PAID for this), you can delete it from your device but it will forever remain in the cloud... So, if you're not a U2 fan, according to iTunes you are. For life. And so the rape of the digital world continues...

Maybe this was the only way that U2 could get people to buy their music? It is a nifty marketing ploy after all that's being toted as the 'biggest album release in history', but how big is something really that's been force-pushed into your personal bubble? Try pushing something to our phones that we're actually likely to WANT.